Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Skyzoo & Torae – Barrel Brothers (Artwork & Tracklist)

Alright so I don't know about you guys but I've personally been waiting on an album from these two since Click and Get It Done. Both of them are dope emcee's and they both put great music out so why not do it together right?

I remember when Torae came to Houston I got a chance to chop it up with him about the album and he didn't give me a whole lot of information outside of that they were getting started on it so there really wasn't a lot to give. All I told him was that I need a Barrel Brothers/DJ Premier joint. And as you can see from the tracklist my wish was granted. Most likely not because I asked but because its DJ Premier, Torae and Skyzoo have always held it down with the "Creator of the New York Sound".

I'm glad these two brothers came together and made this happen. The feature line up is crazy. Everyone from Sean Price, Sha Stimuli to Blu and Guilty Simpson and don't even get me started on the production credits. !llmind, Premier, Khrysis, Praise, AntMan Wonder and Oh-No. There are more as you can see from the credits below. The album is set to drop 5/27/14 and I expect nothing but greatness from these two. With the 2014 year already bringing you iLL shit like Freddie Gibbs x Madlib's "Pinata" and Step Brothers (Alchemist and Evidence) "Lord Steppington", Dag Savage's "E&J" and most recently Pharoahe Monch's "PTSD", I am sure that Torae and Skyzoo's Barrel Brothers album will be given the same acclaim. I ride for these brothers regardless. Torae has always been a stand up cat since I met him and even though I've never personally met Skyzoo I've saw son perform countless times and have all of his albums. These cats have talent and among others are holding down the "New York Sound" many of you claim you miss.....When they release the first single just know it already has a spot on here...

1) Intro
2) Talk Of The Town (prod. by Oh-No)
3) Make You A Believer (prod. by Jahlil Beats)
4) Tunnel Vision (prod. by !llmind)
5) Blue Yankee Fitted (prod. by !llmind)
6) All In Together (feat. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson) (prod. by Black Milk)
7) Triangle Offense (feat. Sha Stimuli) (prod. by !llmind)
8) Movie Album (skit) (prod. by Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA)
9) Albee Square Mall (feat. Livin Proof) (prod. by Praise)
10) The Hand Off (prod. by Khrysis & Cyrus Tha Great)
11) 4 Bar Friday (prod. by The Stuyvesants)
12) Memorabilia (prod. by AntMan Wonder)
13) Rediscover (feat. Blu) (prod. by MarcNfinit)
14) The Aura (prod. by DJ Premier, co-produced by AntMan Wonder)
15) Got It From Here (prod. by Apollo Brown) (bonus-itunes & vinyl only)

Monday, January 27, 2014

e.d.g.e - EDGELIB 081

If you've supported me then you already heard the name "e.d.g.e" via Confirmation, Concrete Camouflage and our latest offering the "Black Suitcase" EP. My dude has been quiet lately and I get an email and here it is! My dude is a lyrical beast and I personally love working with him. For this offering my dude lets the penwork go over the Madlib instrumentals from the "Deeper" EP in which Freddie Gibbs (one of my favorite emcee's these days) gets busy on and my dude as always did them joints mad justice! You be the judge though!

Vancouver MC e.d.g.e. connects with to bring you "EDGELIB 081", a mini-EP over Madlib instrumentals from the "Deeper" EP collaboration with Freddie Gibbs. "EDGELIB 081" is the first release of 2014 from the prolific lyricist, and the first of many he plans to release this year. Business x Penwork.

e.d.g.e. "EDGELIB 081"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crew54 - "Recognize" (Full Video)

My dudes came through and brought some heat for you cats ears and eyes! The recognize video, beat, lyrics and just the fun you can see they are having while they shot it makes this a dope ass song! Crew54 as always will be rocking SXSW this year so make sure you don't miss what these cats do on stage. If you enjoy the music they create then you are sure to love the live show these cats put on! Check the video after the jump and tell a friend....Word of mouth is the best way to share something as ill as this!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crew54 - "Recognize" Preview

Its been a while since I posted anything here but the fam Crew54 has a new track called "Recognize" of their upcoming album Wyld Gentleman and you can tell from this short 19 seconds that this one is going to be some heat (like all of they stuff they do)! Cant wait to get back in the lab with these dudes but I gotta be sure to be on my A game because Dicther 2 Productions has been supplying my dudes with pure heat!! Looks like the video was a lot of fun. Wish I could have made it out to be a part of it but there will be more. Shouts to G-Christ, The MOS and Melz! Check the preview after the jump!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crew54 - "Labor" (Office Space Parody)

The fam Crew54 is back with a video for the track Labor and they've enlisted some of Austins Hip-Hop elite like, Gargamel Jermel, ABT (A Better Tomorrow), Nick Nack, Bavu Blakes, Blaxsmith, and C-Hova. I wish I could have been a part of this video. I know it was a lot of hard work but I know there was a lot of fun involved also. The track is Produced by Dicther2 Productions and they also have a version with NC emcee Supastition who made his way back to Hip-Hop this year.

The video is dope! For my heads that ever saw the movie Office Space before you will enjoy this video. The video starts off with the homie G-Christ serenading you with some Michael Bolton. Trust me you will be thoroughly entertained by the video and the song in general. These cats have been at it for some time and you can tell they aren't stopping any time soon!! You can check more of Crew54 and the work they put in at Proud to be down with these dudes and you can bet you will hear more from us in the future. Check the video and share. Make sure you leave a comment and let them know if you liked it or hated it. Trust me though....This song and video are pretty hard to hate.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

e.d.g.e. x CientifiQ - Black Suitcase EP

Its always good when you have some new music. For me its great! I haven't put put any new music in a while now so when the homie e.d.g.e (@edge1981) said that he was down to do an EP with the kid I couldn't resist. Me and e.d.g.e. have connected a few times before for a few joints and if you are a fan of my production or e.d.g.e.'s flow then you know we come together quite nicely! I love how the EP came out. From the artwork, which e.d.g.e. designed, to my beats and e.d.g.e.'s rhymes it came together perfect! I don't want to write too much about it because I want the music to speak for itself. This wont be the last time you hear us together as we are already in talks of putting something else together before this year ends and I want to take it to the next level as I am sure he does too.

Take a listen, download, and share it on your Twitter or Facebook walls and get the word out a little further than it is right now. As always I appreciate all the support and words from everyone who has already checked it out. Just press play! Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bigg UU - Maintainin'

The fam @gargameljermel, who shot my video for Steel (look up and click the play button while you're here) was telling me about this video. I saw a few tweets about it, few Facebook posts, and he sent me the video the other day and I peeped it but I was with my little girl so I couldn't play it like I wanted too. Plus it was off my phone and I still have the iPhone with them low ass speakers.........What I am really trying to say is I didn't get the full effect until today.

It's dope! The beat caught me at first and as a producer its going to do that. I've heard of Bigg UU (@BiggUU254) before and I wanna say I heard like 2 songs from him and money isn't bad at all. With Maintainin' he rode the beat like a champion and he has the fly young lady with him in the video. He isn't doing too much (which is what most of these rapper dudes do these days.....TOO MUCH!) It was simple, made you pay attention to the video AND the song rather than just looking at 40 butt naked chics with orange/blue/pink/purple hair in Jordan heels and jersey dresses doing wild shit just to get some recognition. HotBox254, Bigg UU and beautiful Amanda Alosi (@AmandaAlosi) who was in the Maxims Hometown Hotties section, teamed up and made a dope video. Bigg UU got the beat from the producer and put some heat to it! Its never a bad thing to have something nice to look at in your video either. Gargamel Jermel shot and edited it....And they delivered what I like to call "that shit" to you.

What I am trying to say is check this joint out....You wont be disappointed. I might have to slide son a few beats, when I first heard some shit from him I was interested but I just got to working with cats on some other projects + life in general and know the rest. Watch the video, leave a comment and I gotta end it with a bar from that nigga Phonte, aka Phontigallo......

"Call it music, I call it my life performance, Call 'em fans, I call 'em my life supporters"!

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